In the face of evolving regulatory demands, state governments and healthcare plan exchanges with limited resources are also grappling with the concurrent post-ACA needs to contain costs and improve outcomes. In addition to traditional bid support, Horman Actuarial Solutions can provide the actuarial context for new approaches for Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and other nonprofit/community programs.

Multifaceted actuarial consulting for government entities:

Experience Analysis & Forecasting

  • Aggregation/analysis of state data to inform policy decisions
  • Adjustments for changing medical, membership and cost trends

Medicaid Actuarial Support

  • Supplemental skill sets to augment in-house capabilities
  • Advanced actuarials for meetings and presentations

Rate Filing Reviews

  • Actuarial support for initial filings and rate increase requests
  • In-person support for communications and meetings with DOIs

Strategic Plan Analysis & Look-Aheads

  • Assessing system stability and health for the foreseeable future
  • Forecasting potential impacts of strategic policy changes/reforms
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