For corporate healthcare entities, the process of risk management continues to evolve with the increasing complexity of health plans, coverages, and marketplaces. HMA Solutions offers specialized corporate consulting expertise across a wide range of actuarial functions. We are equipped to provide diverse strategic services that anticipate and address a company’s needs, from auditing/analysis to management and reporting.

High-level actuarials for healthcare corporations.

Comprehensive IBNR Consulting

  • Regular audits and estimates: monthly, quarterly and yearly
  • Preparing annual certifications for auditors and regulatiors

PDR Consulting: Reserving & Reporting

  • Analysis and categorization of risks to determine reserve needs
  • Highly precise audits and fore-casting to ensure future viability

Captives, Self-Funding & Alternative Risks

  • Feasibility studies to determine appropriateness of alternatives
  • Expertise in program develop-ment and financial reporting.

Building In-House Actuarial Departments

  • Functioning as interim Chief Actuary during transitions
  • Services from needs identification through hiring and execution
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