For insurers, plan sponsors and employer groups, success in the post-ACA world is all about increasing efficiency and improving financial results. Horman Actuarial Solutions offers a wide range of actuarial consulting services informed by our extensive expertise in strategic planning, forecasting, and execution — across the commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare sectors.

Advanced commercial health plan actuarial consulting:

Experience Analysis & Forecasting

  • Comparing claims volume to premium revenue
  • Proposing adjustments to premiums, features, and/or benefits

Valuation and Reserving

  • Accurate estimating of liabilities and reserves: IBNR, PDR, and other major actuarial accruals
  • Qualified to sign annual statements of actuarial opinion

Rating Strategy Filing & Support

  • Handling the wide expanse of of rating and regulatory filings
  • Ensuring compliance with changing DOI requirements

Strategic Plan Design & Pricing

  • Researching competing plans in your market/niche
  • Recommending features, premium rates, and deductible levels
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