The data your staff needs to access and organize in the course of daily operations is not only voluminous — it continues to grow and evolve with everchanglng regulations. HMA Solutions has the ability to compose easily searchable and referable checklists and databases that are customized to your specific needs.

Augmenting expert knowledge with actuarial rigor.

At HMA Solutions, we combine authoritative legal knowledge on regulations and compliance with the acumen and perspective of a certified actuarial analyst. This dual perspective results in checklists and databases built on quality data, which have been extensively vetted and verified for confident daily usage by your staff.

  • Comprehensive HIPAA-compliant databases curated from multiple reliable sources
  • Fine-tuning of data to address areas most relevant to your company or organization
  • Systematic checklists to ensure compliance with all pertinent regulations
  • Streamlined database/checklist design to provide quick access to key information
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