In addition to models that focus on specific areas of analysis and insight, HMA Solutions is able to translate its advanced mathematical expertise into macro-level tools that assess the current viability of your enterprise, track evolving KPIs, and identify imminent opportunities in today’s highly competitive healthcare landscape.

Tools engineered to provide competitive advantages.

Reserving and corporate actuarial functions.

As statistical method consultants with a core understanding of the healthcare industry, HMA Solutions creates incisive models for simulation and forecasting — along with powerful reporting tools that continually update in real time. The wide range of monitoring, analytic, and predictive advantages include:

  • Complex algebraic algorithms to identify pre-emptive arbitrage opportunities
  • Financial forecasting models to help manage risk and plan for the future
  • Financial what-if simulations to preview the effect of proposed changes to products, premiums, service levels, etc.
  • Balance sheet and cash flow models to keep close track of current income streams and liabilities
  • Detailed cost and utilization reporting models for ongoing analysis and strategic planning
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